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ACT Prep, PSAT Prep, SAT Prep, ACT Teacher Training


Would you like to improve your ACT or PSAT/SAT scores?  Be eligible for  more scholarship dollars?  Increase your chances at your college of choice?

Would you like insight into the PSAT and a higher score for National Merit consideration?

... then Power Prep's classes are for you!


Are your students developing the necessary skills that the ACT requires?

What can educators do to prepare students before they take the ACT?

... then Carolyn Devane's faculty training is for your teachers!

At Power Prep our mission is simple and clear.  We provide both students and teachers with resources and insight into the kind of thinking that the ACT requires and practical strategies for improving performance.  We help students develop the problem-solving, decision-making, and evaluative skills required for maximized ACT and PSAT/SAT scores.

We make the invisible visible when it comes to the ACT and SAT!

About Carolyn Devane

Carolyn Devane taught ACT classes to students for 13years in two large high schools in Kansas: Mill Valley High School and Manhattan High School. After witnessing the significant improvements and positive results
of her students, Carolyn started offering her courses to studen
ts in other high schools in 2009. Since that time, PowerPrep's classes
have grown from being offered in just  2 high schools to offerings in not only many high schools but also community colleges and universities in the Kansas City, Manhattan, and Wichita areas. 

Carolyn has 16 total years of ACT test-taking instruction experience with thousands of students. She also has 13 years' experience as a high school counselor and 6 years' experience as a high school English teacher, teaching College Now English, Junior English, and Public Speaking. Her test-taking strategy classes provide students with practical test-taking strategies and insights into test questions and content with amazing student results.

In 2011, Carolyn began offering faculty training to core area teachers in high schools. She provides teachers with resources and training to equip them to prepare all students each day in the classroom for the kind of thinking the ACT requires. Carolyn’s training is dynamic and insightful with information schools need to help students develop the problem-solving, decision making, and evaluative thinking skills the ACT requires.

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